Self Portrait you say?

A nude woman peddling a bicycle.

A large animal’s horned skull.

A tightrope.

A gourd and a whiskbroom.

A cinderblock and a corrugated wall.

Tell me if I’m wrong; let me know if I’m off-base; disabuse me of my fantasy… if you can! But here’s the thing: it seems to fit.

Mahlon is the cleverly assembled skull-creature with the nude on his mind. It’s as simple as that.

The naked figure (the aforementioned athletic nude, with slippers) is not abstract, in fact she’s quite factually portrayed in her improbable double-duty balancing act across his line of vision. On the tightrope, the bicycle wheels become the eyeglasses for him, but the left eye is Mahlon’s vacant left socket. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The right eye cannot be seen as it is blocked to the viewer by the heavy bone brow.

The gourd is certainly a prominent proboscis, not unlike the artist’s own I would argue. And the whisk-bristly mustache is a reflection of his own perennial facial adornment.

(more surmises to follow)