Dr. Scheiner reviews Mahlon Blaine ~ One-Eyed Visionary

Mahlon Blaine * One-Eyed Visionary library version
Mahlon Blaine * One-Eyed Visionary by Roland Trenary


Amazon prohibited Dr. Scheiner posting his review, but here it is:

Roland Trenary’s self published “Mahlon Blaine ~ One-Eyed
Visionary” is a magnificent achievement, and to date the
definitive biography of the sadly forgotten pastiche artist
Mahlon Blaine. When first approached by Roland, it seems 40
years ago, many of us believed Blaine had been born in
Canada, married an American Indian Princess, lost his eye to
Malay pirates, and we doubted his tales of working in
Hollywood. Roland has gathered the visual evidence for the
true story, in an amazing presentation of personal letters
and photos few would have thought would have survived, and
he gives a social insight into little known aspects of early
Hollywood behind the scenes. The check list of books is an
invaluable guide for any one who wants to collect Blaine. It
is wonderful to see here so much never before published
Blaine art work, and hopefully this book will flush into the
market place many privately done Blaine original art items
which have not been publicly seen since their creation. The
art reproduced in Trenary’s book helps support Blaine’s
frequent boast that he could imitate any artist and had
dozens of his paintings hanging in major US museums, all
attributed to “name” artists. (I was recently offered a
George Grosz color drawing that was actually a Blaine
imitation of a Vizet book illustration, and which had been
given to Grosz and received the Grosz estate stamp when it
was found in the deceased Grosz’s home)!
There is still much to be published about Mahlon Blaine,
especially in the area of his erotic art and mechanicals.
Hopefully Roland Trenary will turn his considerable talents
to this project.
Five stars for certain.
C.J. Scheiner, M.D., Ph.D.