Tarzan – the beauty of the adventure

The Legend of Tarzan, 2016

Upon second viewing of this movie, I was struck with the subtle underlying tone which, surfacing from time to time throughout, underpinned the whole affair. The richness of the storytelling was not sacrificed for just adventure nor the mere thrill of gravity-defiance. Here is the love of one’s personal history, fellow man, and life-partner, gathered within a heady mix of historically inspired plot…what more could one ask for? Oh yes, to be exquisitely faithful to the originator of the iconic literary Tarzan: Edgar Rice Burroughs. His was a Tarzan of substance, complexity, and depth that had been essentially ignored through 98 years of celluloid. No wonder audiences have managed to confound critics’ prognostications and propel this movie for ten days so far (and perhaps many more) beyond industry expectations. It gives a person such as myself some hope, some reassurance, and some faith in both regular people (who will pay good money for worthwhile entertainment) as well as the elite few who are monetarily enabled to produce such a product. My heart is warmed.

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