Illustration projects by Roland Trenary


Please contact me for your illustration needs. My current focus is on “snapshot sketches” of performing actors and musicians. Here’s a link to a few examples from February, 2016:

afc 29

postcard music sketches.1

And here are examples from a career going back several decades

(as well as some new art too):

HL 84 M-A.003 HL 84 M-J.004 Shifting Sight book front color HL 87 M-A.011 HL 88 J-A.014 HL 88 S-O.017 HL 88 M-J.016 HL 89 M-A.023 HL 89 M-J.020 HL 89 S-O.022 HL 90 J-F.024 HL 90 M-A.025